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breed specific bans

hey sorry to hear that Damien, i breed APBT's i live in prince edward island, theres no dog restrictions here YET, sooner or latere, i guess it's because theres not too many APBT's here.
one thing i would like to comment on, and i know there'll be people to disagree with me, but here goes, for everyone thats ever said "it's all in how you train them" i would love to see these people try to socialize a pure game bred APBT, they make loving pets, but you have to realize when you get the dog, it won't be playing with other dogs. thats not say all pits are like that, just the game bred ones, they're programmed from 100's of years of selective breeding to want to kill other dogs. and thats where you run into the problem with all these irresponsible people with "pit bulls" they;re not APBT, they're "pit bulls". and thats the problem, a true APBT should have nothing but love for a person, through anything, but people are inbreeding and breeding dogs that should nver be bred, and you're getting these unpredictable "pit bulls". there was a reason for "culling" back in the old pit days, they culled out the unbreedable curs (killed or altered unbreeding, unpredictable dogs) it was greusome, but only the best and most loyal got bred, and as a result up until the 70's the pit bull was the all american dog, more popular in the suburban home than the lab. and with popularity comes irresponsible breeders, happened to the Rottweiler, Cocker Spaniel, Lab, Golden, English Bulldog...all these dogs are shadows of what they used to be. anyways getting back to my point is that you shouldn't punish a breed, one of the most versatile breeds in the world, for the actions of stupid owners. in my personal opinion i don't beleive there is any excuse for your dog biting someone except in the case of self defense, if you have an unpredictable dog, or you put it in a place where a situation could arise, then you take precautions, i own 4 heavy duty leather muzzels for my dogs, none of them are a threat, but i have them if need be, 2 of my dogs have their CGC's (canine good citizen) but i wouldn't go throwing them in a room with 10 other dogs, at some point instinct will kick in. all i want to say is, if you are stupid enough to put your dog in a situation where someone MAY get biten you deserve to lose your dog.
And Damien, thats a fine looking dog you have,
you too GRant,. nice dog, thats not the 4month old female you were talking about in your post is it. nice dogs guy's

sorry for the essay
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