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hey, i can never pass up a good APBT discussion, i have 4, 2 stud dogs, 1 brood *****, and a good ol neutered family dog, well they're all family dogs, but you know. anyways i noticed a few posts about people saying, the age old saying "it's all in how you raise them" and it's true it is, but i'd love to see one of these good owner good dog people, train a full fledged game bred APBT to be a friendly good canine citizen. don't get me wrong i don't support dog fighting at all, but with APBT more than any other breed out there, genetics has 99% to do with what the dogs going to be like, tonka, my youngest male, he's an 66% OFRN 33% Youngs, anyways he's been socialized his whole life, dog park, daycare, letting all types of people and kids pet him on the street, but if he's around another male dog, and that male shows any signs of aggression, then all socialization and frienliness is out the window he's the nastiest dog you'd ever see. yet if that male came over and licked him on the face they'd play all day, and all the training i do, can't get that out of him, anyways, i could go on and on and on and on about history, training, blah blah, but the gist is, breed specific bans are bulls*** punish the individual not the breed. if people were only smart enough to, control their dogs there would never be bites, never, someone can't say any excuse to me as to why their dog would bite someone, there is no excuse, if your dog is a threat take percausions or your going to lose your dog simple as that, sorry for the essay
ps. two of my dogs, have their CGC (canine good citizen) and are obidience titled)
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