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Thanks to everyone giving input saying I should let it go and find another breed, but I think I can handle it. I've had snakes before, so I at least have a litle experience.
As far as the cedar goes, I know it's not good to keep snakes in it for an extended period of time.. as far as I know, it just irritates their mucous membranes. I don't know if I'd use the word toxic though.
Also, I know that wild snakes generally can make bad pets, and I have also read lots of stuff claiming that water snakes are real aggressive. This one is actually pretty docile, I have been handling it and it hasn't tried to strike at me or bite me yet... seems pretty comfortable atually.

I read about the skin infection/blister thing, but I heard it generally won't be a problem if I use a bedding such as aspen that allows them to dry off completely, because the infections are due to them being damp and not able to dry off, can you offer any insight into this?
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