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I am Back

Well some of you know that i was getting out of the reptile world. Because of alot of problems i was having. Well on Thursday May the 13th i had one more problem that is now going to change some things in my life. Thursday night i put a hunting knife into my hand while trying to get some things ready for the BBQ I ended up taking most of the nerve endings out of my hand. And severd 75% of the Tendants Leaveing me with a 4 hour surgery on Friday morning. I was told that there was alot of permenent damage to my hand. And that i might not ever be able to hold onto anything again with that hand. So now that i will not be able to go back to my work i am going to have alot of time to get back into one of the things that make me happy. (REPTILES) So i will be on alot more like i use to be. And hope to talk to you all again

Besides my problem with my hand everything seems to be getting a bit better. And in time my hand will get better too. And i can go back to my other joys working on cars.

Thanks for reading this and hope to post some good news in the fourms on what i have ready soon in my herp breeders.


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