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Of all the snakes we keep, the retics seem to be the most aware of their surroundings, responsive to activity, and were the first to learn the difference between the feed door and the maintenance door. We kept one retic in particular that was not friendly at all, and on occasions we had to work with him, we could not use the same trick twice. He was very calculating in his actions and had a memory like a steel trap. He was the only snake we kept that I was truly afraid of.

Of the hots, the mambas seen to be most alert and aware, their expression even seems to be scheming like a cat at a mouse hole. I have not had any experience working with such a snake, and I cannot say it will be my first choice. It is one thing to be chased by an eastern indigo snake, being pursued by a mamba just is not on my list of fun things to do.
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