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The reason I do not keep large snakes is exactly that. I'm sure I'd end up trying to breed them and if successful, I'd need to move the little ones out. I could not/would not feel comfortable with just "anybody" getting one. I mean, a novice keeper or household with small children are risks I'd rather not be a part of. There is always the chance of an escape too. We've had several make the news here in Tampa. How would you insure yourself against a big snake killing/eating your neighbor's little pomeranian?? Sheesh! I cringe when I see some people that I know (in my opinion) haven't a clue buying a baby burmese or retic. Snake and owner are both going to lose. All that said, I just picked up an adult iguana that had been roaming free in St. Pete. Another "throwaway" animal. It's too bad. The big animals always get the bad press anyway, and when it comes time for gov't to act, we're all lumped together as "crazy reptile owners" or such.
I have heard of some Burmese in the 'glades and a few ball pythons as well farther north in central FL.
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