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Kyle: Unicycling takes about 10-15 hours to learn how to ride, and more than a day. It is really fun. I think the guy your talking about is Kris Holm? He, and Nathan Hoover(the only two pros that I know their names) are REALLY GOOD! Its fun, and I can do some stuff that they do, but nothing near how brave they are. Kris Holm is a BC native. The Edmonton Unicycle club has a couple guys that are really awesome and almost as good as Holm. I bike too, and do about the same amount of Unicycling and Biking.

Cruciform: You obviously have no clue about how to ride a unicycle and do crazy stunts. Bikes are just as bad if not worse. Im sure, percentage wise, more bikers have injuries down there than unicyclists. Add on the fact my seat is way better padded(almost 2.5 inches) than a bike seat and is way more confortable to sit in.

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