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How to get to the channel using Mirc

Select the server Chat-Solutions. The proper domain name is

To connect to the server from the status window, rather than by pointing and clicking type: /server

Some text will scroll by notifying you that you've successfully connected to the server. You may see a notice telling you that you are using a registered nickname. This means that someone else has reserved that nickname, and without a passwould you will be assigned a random name in about 60 seconds.

To change your name type: /nick NewNickName

For example: /nick ChandlerBing

You can find the sSnakeSs channel by listing all the channels available on the server. Do this by selecting >Tools >List Channels On a busy server this can cause you to lag out due to the flood of channel names.

The most direct way is to type /join #ssnakess in your status window. This will take you right to the channel. The # in front of the name tells the server that you are defining a channel and not a persons nickname.

There are usually a few people in the channel. Sometimes they have been there for hours, doing other things on their computer while they wait for other sSnakeSs members to pop by. When you say hello, don't get frustrated and give up if they don't reply immediately. It might take a few minutes before they realize there is a real, live, human being there.

Seeking advice
If you have just received a brand new animal and have lots of questions about it because you know nothing about it, don't be offended if someone tells you that you should have done your homework in advance. They're looking out for the welfare of your pet. If you were from a tropical country would you want to be dumped naked and freezing in a glass cage, with monsters looming over you, and no place to hide? Neither does a snake, lizard, or other animal.

The people with the @ signs beside their names are the Channel Operators. Typically these are the level-headed and informed people in the channel, or just really good suck-ups They'll also kick your butt good if you act up.

Come on in and have fun

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