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Story time

Thought it would be nice if we shared a story about someone we "introduced" or as my family calls it "corupts" someone into the intrest of reptiles.

I'll start since i made the thread...

I've always been the odd one in the family and getting into reptiles was just another push in that direction. LOL Until i started getting all the kids interested into them. I have 1 sister and 1 brother, my sister has 2 boys and 1 girl. Every time i see or talk to my nephews they always ask how my "herps" are doing and asking if they can come see them or have one of the babies. I have to tell them that their mom and dad say no (i feel bad for this) so i can't give them any babies. < They can't have ANY small animals because i bought their daughter a hampster and it escaped and went down into the vent and died, and they had to spend 500 dollars to get it out along with the horrible smell. > Anyway i always bring over my snakes shed, because the youngest boy Alex loves collecting them, my sister says he takes them to school all the time for show and tell. He even does reports on herps if his assignments allow it (he just did one on dart frogs). Well my sister finally caved in and he got his first fully aquatic frog a few months ago. My sister tried telling me some info on the frog and he chimed in and said "Mom, you don't know anything about my frog, do you" then he turns to me and starts telling me all about the frog. I was so proud of him, i had a huge smerk on my face thinking that's my little man. LOL He even did all the research by himself and he's only 10. He tells me now that he wants to go to school to learn about reptiles and he want's to keep a whole bunch of speices when he gets older, and hopefully he can work at the zoo. Maybe his mind will change but i hope he always has a facination with herps and i'm glad i was there to influince him. He will even go out catching frogs and lizards near my moms house and then look them up on the internet to find out what kind they were (i've told him several times not to pick up snakes without an adult there).

Time for your stories,

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