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Darren Hamill
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CB - Captive Bred or Captive Born
CBB - Captive bred and born
CH - Captive hatched
WC - Wild caught
LTC - Long term captive
FI - Fresh import

Some people consider CB (captive bred) as captive born, many Americans see it this way where as most Canadians see it captive born. I find the best solution to this is to label captive bred and born animals as CBB. That way there is no confusion.

I'm a big believer of CBB animals and there are always people out there trying to make a quick buck from unknowing buyers.. They may label their animals as "CB" and lead you to think that they're "captive bred". Same thing applies to captive born... These animals would be considered to come from adult wild caught animals that came in gravid and produced offspring....

Hope this helps...
Darren Hamill
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