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Hmmm.... Well I used to totally freak out over this little green action figure that my brother used to have. I would literally run screaming into my room and shudder and cry for hours. It was so strange. My mom would hide it in the back of the art cupboard so I wouldn't go scrounging around in there, and when I reached in and touched it once accidentally I almost died of fright...

Then someone told me about these two inch long silverfish (those little buggy things) that came out of their drain when they were having a bath and I started freaking out when I saw little silverfish running around in our house in spring. And i'm a total insectaholic, but those things freaked me out.

Thirdly, that fricking bunny rabbit Youkai keeps putting on her avatar! That guy from Donny Darko. I totally have to see that movie! Love being scared by movies.

Buuutt... in that order, I decided that I was only scared of it all because it was unknown to me, so I decided to get over it. Found the green guy one day in a drawer and even though it was really hard, I made myself look at it and then eventually pick it up. There goes that fear. Same with the silverfish, realised they were just bugs and now whenever I see them they're instantly toad-food. The youkai-bunny still freaks me out, but not as bad. At least, until I see the movie.

Soo, not really scared of anything now. I'm wary of things, for sure, but not really scared. Don't like reaching into hot ovens, suspension bridges, and high places with only railing to hold you up there, but its not TOO too bad....

Not squeamish either, exept when people crack joints really loudly. I mean, that's just not healthy! But I can eat anytime no matter what i'm doing, and not much grosses me out. Which is good, because you can multitask cutting a pinky while eating a burger at the same time!

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