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Originally posted by Cruciform
but if I stand at the edge of a 10 foot drop without my hand touching something I lose all sense of balance. Same thing happens with stepladders.
I have the same problem with my balance, both my parents have it, probably genetic (yay ). Always happens when I'm standing up on something to change a lightbulb, etc., just looking up in general while not planted on the ground (escalators, treadmills.. ) I also don't have the best balance if I can't see around me, such as when I'm walking to get somewhere in a very dark room.

I hate arachnids. Tarantulas in particular give me the creeps. I remember being in the woods with the dog, about go through two trees, when I stopped running to have a look to make sure there was no spiderweb between them.. just in case. Well there was. Fat spider right in the middle Was I glad I checked! Even feeling a cobweb on my hand makes me jump (happened yesterday actually).

Another thing that creeps me out is being in a dark basement at night, alone. I always feel like there's something behind me.

I think I need to see a shrink now..
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