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Bad things do come in three

Well it has been a very bad week for me. I use to hate seeing people vent or spill their guts on the forums, but I now I know why it does help one feel a little better at the time to get stuff off ones chest.
You see my 4 month old son JD we have been told may have cistic firbrosis ( spelling way off ) he is lossing weight and coughing up a lot of flem/fluid. So things are not to good while we try a few new things and have some tests done.
My grandfather had a medium heart attack last week, he is doing better but he is 84 so we are all worried.
This morning my mother calls and wants to take me out for coffee, we never do this so i'm curious. She then tells me that she has cancer in her lungs and we still need to find everything out but she says that it is not looking good.
What the *&% is a guy to do .
I'm about to go jump off a building or go down to southern alberta on a drive and maybe find a few rattlers and give em a kiss.
I know this has nothing to do with reptiles other then the fact i own way two many, so i am sorry, but i just needed to do something.
Thanks all
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