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Mark, that was a good post of yours. However, once you ban LTC and WC, these same LTC and WC will ultimately end up with a CB tag to permit sale. Maybe not all, but this without a doubt will be a route for some...

In addition, I do feel the "mandatory warranty" can be abused as well. I mean, after all, it IS possible for a reptile to die within a day or two - in the wrong hands of course. And sure, you can throw that "as long as they are kept properly" line in there, but again this leaves leeway for dishonest individuals to say they WERE in a proper environment. And how exactly do you prove that they were kept in a proper environment? Who is to say that they cannot manufacture this "proper environment?"

One of my biggest concerns with reptile shows is that at least 80% of the time, people are buying animals without having enclosures set-up in advanced. Of this 80%, I would say at least 50% do not know the exact husbandry requirements. Therefore, one of my suggestions would be to make it MANDATORY to provide a caresheet stating all the fundamental care requirements to a buyer.

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