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Im afraid of being near fast moving trains! LOL. Yes, you can laugh at me all you want, but, sometimes, when I think about how much my life sucks(I get depressed often) I will start daydreaming alot, then after awhile all my daydreams start turning into trains comming at me at like 1000KM/H and then right before they hit me I shudder and they're gone, then 20 seconds later it happens again. I hate it. Im also afraid trains are going to derail on turns and stuff. I have still riden on trains and things like that and when I get to drive going far away places, I race trains(like on an 80 rode i will go 90 to pass the thing!) but those are straight and I make sure there is no one else for a couple Km's. So it just depends. Im also, somewhat like derrick, afraid of falling off my 8-15ft above ground suspended mountain biking/unicycling track. Yes I unicycle, you can all laugh at me but im pro! How many of you can ride off a 4 foot drop on your bikes? Ok some of you, now try riding a unicycle. Mine is a trials unicycle so its got a bigger tire than a mountain bike though. I can also ride on a chain of picnic tables and then jump a 2-3 foot gap. I can hop around and do a 180 and 270(haha what a loser, hey im still working on my 360)! I've got about 10 acres of tracks and stuff. Its fun! It cost money to build though! LOL. So anyways, I dont want to fall off some of the boardwalks I build at my acreage because there are so many trees and I dont want to lose my important reproductory organs or break my back! LOL.

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