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well I had a female brb named Rochelle that I found out was a male...his name is now Beau. (French for beautiful for all you non french speaking people)

My brother named my male and female clutchmate Cal kings Paris(male) and Kassandra(female) after the brother/sister in the Greek Troy for the characters in the upcoming movie...Orlando Bloom plays Paris I think...

My new (used) mexican black king snake was once known as a female named Princess, then his owner found out he was a Prince not a Princess (I think....thats what I gathered from previous posts anyway) and I have changed his name to Oreno...named after Oren Ishii from Kill Bill Vol. 1.

Its fun to think of names and I may be personifying my snakes but it seems to me they have their own personalities...that would help explain why two snakes of the same species can have completely different dispostions (oooOOOooo big word).

my 2 cents...

1.0 Brazilian Rainbow Boa, 1.0 Mexican Black King Snake

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