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I forgot the name of the movie, but after watching it i have a huge fear of cockroaches.

It's the movie where this guy ( i think) was trapped in a room with a CRAP load of them and they were crawling all in and out of his body (it's been YEARS since i seen it). After that i get freaked out when i see them and yell like the little girl i used to be. I don't like the thought of bugs crawling all through my body alive or dead!!!

I also CAN NOT drive in snow at all!!! when i was 17 i hit an ice patch i had the choice to hit the oncoming car or go into a 10 foot ditch, i chose the ditch and got stuck between 2 trees, it was a very close one. Luckly i wasn't hurt, but i still freak (crying and keeping eyes closed if i'm the passenger) REALLY bad when i have to drive in it now(whether i'm driving or the passenger). My boyfriend thinks it's funny but i seriously hate it.

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