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My #1 fear is bees and wasps. I'm not allergic to them, I'm just terrified. The little stinging critters were out in full force today on my mail route, and there were several people that didn't receive mail because I opened up their mailbox to find 4 or 5 yellow jackets in there. I hope nobody was watching me flail about and screech as they came flying out!
One box had 5 yellow jackets in there, and outgoing mail. Since it was a turnaround, I backed into the driveway and walked to the door to hand the gentleman his mail. He just laughed and walked to the box, opened it, grabbed the outgoing mail, shook it off a bit and handed it to me. How embarassing. The 70 something year old farmer had no fear, and the whole time I was cowering in my truck with all the windows closed.
Feel free to laugh at me now.

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