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Thanks Kolleen! I've had some trouble getting info. on this. I was thinking about getting a book by Dr. Roger Klinenburg called
"Understanding Repitle Parasites". Can you recommend anything else on this topic?
Like I mentioned in my last post. I used a very small amt. of Ivermectin and I am yet to see a live mite since then. I soaked her for half an hour March 29 and then again April 4. Does it soak into the skin of the snake and continue to work for several days? I'd like to find out whether there are different types of Ivermectin with higher or lower potencies that can be purchased. Mine was purchased from a co-op, selling Ivermectin for deworming horses.
I thought maybe that is why I was recommended to use such a small amount. Anyways, I think I nipped the problem at the bud, but would still like to learn as much as possible on this topic.
I appreciate your help!
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