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Night time lows ??(temp question)

Ok everyone Iím looking for opinions here, Iíve been trying too figuring this out for a while and would like too knowing what everybody thinks. For all reptiles when you go through there care there is a daytime high and then a temp which you can allow the cages too go down too at night. With arboreal reptiles this is obviously a more rapid drop, in temperatures, what I would like too know is these animals can endure the lows and highs, But do they require the temp change? Now Nocturnal animals are active in the lower temps because they are active at night, and I would assume the daytime highs is when there bodies digest the food that they consumed during the nights lower temperatures. So highs are defiantly important, but are lows? Is it necessary too bring the temperature down at night? Or is it just ok too because they are built too survive that period of time at lower temps? Just wondering what everybody thinks,
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