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Originally posted by gonesnakee
Lisa do you even know what NIX is LOL It is not a pesticide for one it is a creme rinse for humans that is used in the treatment of head lice & yes a cumlative buildup of any chemical in the liver/kidneys can cause complications in any animal (Active ingredients maybe the same but in much different concentrations). The 2 products you suggest are way more likely to do this then NIX ever is. When used properly NIX is extremely safe & 100% effective. Do you really think that federal health authorities would allow this product to be used in full concentration on human heads multiple times in a row if it did what you suggest 2 ounces mixed with a gallon of water would do? I'll leave this for everyone to decide on their own LOL Mark
Any chemical meant to kill insects is a pestacide. whether it's meant for human use or not doesn't change this. take a look at muskol, it strips paint yet we put that stuff on us to ward off bugs.

The other sprays I mentioned are NOT applied to the reptile so they are safer then a chemical you apply directly to the snake.

As for the federal health department banning stuff that are bad for you, they allow addictive drugs such as morphine, demerol and codine that do damage to the liver and kidneys over time when there are less harmful and less addictive alternatives available. Heck an overdose of tylonal can fry your kidneys yet it's available over the counter at any pharmacy.

Just because the government allows something doesn't mean it's good for you... the government allows tabacco yet it's proven to be 100% harmful to you. Nicotine is a straight out nerve toxin and the government lets people smoke as much as they want.
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