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Expo Pics wanted!

Hello folks,

We all have our favourite pics from the past expo's. Pics of the one lizard or snake that you dreamed of having. Or the pic that best depics the Expo itself. A crowd shot or a vendors table.

I would like to have as many pics of the past expos that you can send me. Post them here or email them to me. Some of the pics I would like to use for upcoming advertising as well as the website etc. So once you send them please understand I may use them.

I will also be selecting one pic which will be the pic of the past expo that I will blow up into a poster and place at the front door of the June 13th Expo. The photographer of the selected pic will recieve a 55 gallon glass terrarium with sliding doors for his or her efforts.

All pics to be considered must be emailed to me as well as have a working email address attached to it.

<img src="">
<img src="">

Please send copies of any pics to as well as post them here on this thread. Deadline for this will be June 08th. I will get our webmaster to also create a gallery on the expo site to post all entries.

See you there
June 13th

Grant Crossman
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