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It is, however, not a venom. Poison is something from inanimate objects, venom is from an animal.
Hmmm... I do believe that you are correct when you say that only animals can be venomous, but some animals can also be poisonous.

Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t a venom have to be injected into an animal or enter the bloodstream some other way (a cut?) in order for ill effects to occur. Where as a poison must come in contact with skin, be ingested or be injected (not injected by an animal) in order for ill effects to occur?

If so, a gaboon viper would be considered venomous and a dart frog or cane toad would be considered poisonous

Maybe someone else could verify this for me.

ADDED: Considering when the venom of a spitting cobrais sprayed into the eyes of a predator it causes irritation and even blindness would the venom be considered poison aswell?

Sean E.

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