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"A traduated version of the newsflash that was sent on national TV in Noway last week is now available. Thanks to all the people helping me and supporting me back in Norway I got it translated and uploaded to a friends webspace. (6.7 Mb) (20 Mb) (1.6 Mb) (4.7 Mb) (11.4 Mb)

All of this is the same clip but filesizes and formats are different.

This is what's going to happen in the time to come.
Since my application was declined I'm going to appeal.
I have started revising old articled I have written earlier and will use these as attachments/enclosures to my appeal.
I have also contacted a number of people and organisations both in Norway and internationally and hope that atleast some of these will be able to provide me with formal statements that geckoes are in fact not the most dangerous animals on the planet and that they can indeed be kept at optimal temps in terrariums indoors even if the temps outside the house are sub zero.

Up to now I've found a nice article on salmonella on the ARAV homepage.

I've also gotten positive responce from a Swedish herpetologist and teacher Tobbe Helin, he said that he'll try to write something for me soon.

The Norwegian pet trade organisation will try to write a statement for NHF who will be able to pass is on to me.

Also I've established contact with Mr Aaron M. Bauer and will ask him if he could write something for me too.

Other than that I've contacted about a dozen organisations and respected officials but haven't got a response yet, however, it's still early as I sent out the requests recently.

In Norways law it clearly says that dispensations for keeping herptiles may be given. That is the hope I live by for now.
If my appeal should also be declined then my government will try to relocate the animals.
My friend Are Hogner, owner of Oslo Reptile park has sugested that he can take in all my animals but it is up to the authorities to decide wether or not he has room for all the animals.
If my government can't relocate all the animals over at Oslo Reptile park the more common ones like tockays and mourning geckoes are likely to be put to death since zoos in other countries rarely accept "another set of tockays"...

Right now the most beneficial thing that can happen is if I manage to write a good appeal that is accepted.
This will create a precedent and it will greatly help our common cause in Norway.
My personal case put aside, up to 1000 herps are confiscated and put to death annually...
If my geckoes are saved and sent to oslo reptile park then that will change little about the general situation in our country.
Oslo Reptile park can't take in up to 1000 herps annually...

That is why I'm beeing stubborn and not giving in to my government. I'm trying all I can to producce a good appeal.
With national and international media coverage who knows.. I might just succeed.. tho.. If I have to be honest.. chances of that happening are slim...

I'll keep you guys updated as things progress.
The single fact that you care to read this thread makes a difference and has an impact on what's going on over here.

Very best regards
Vålen (obeligz) "
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