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All Boids as you already apparrently know are permit only in SK & by constricters you were refering to Boas (I'll assume). All snakes that are not Venomous by rights "constrict" their prey or otherwise hold it or whatever to "whack it" prior eating. Anyhow as far as live bearing other than them I'd suggest Garter Snakes but I am unfamilair with which ones you would be allowed to keep. I'd check with Ryan & Sheila (SCALES ZOO & Retic chic on here) as they are from there & much more knowledgeable in reguards to the local laws etc. I'm assumming that you want something that bears live so that you can attempt to breed it & not have to worry about eggs? There are lots of Colubrids that are easy to keep, breed & incubate their eggs successfully too & they lead to more experience in reguards to the whole overall herping experience than something that is live bearing. IMHO Mark
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