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im in my biology class....and my teacher, knowing i collect various species of herps, asks me if i can bring some in and do a presentation for the younger grades...she asks me to hand in a list of species of snake so she could check it out i gave her the list and it was

redtail boa (3 feet)
yellow anaconda (4 feet)
California king (3 feet)
ball python (2 feet)

i do have other species but i didnt put them on the list because they are unpredictable...

now here is the thing that pisses me off...after giving her the list she says its ok and the show will go on...but then one of the younger kids tells his parents that another student is bringing snakes to school...suddenly parents start calling like crazy saying snakes shouldnt be brought into the school they are to dangerous...wut if my child gets bitten and dies of the teacher cancels the show which took me awhile to plan...MY SNAKES ARE NOT VENOMOUS AND THEY ARE COMPLETLY HARMLESS!
i think these kids are missing out on a great chance to understand snakes and see how gentle they really can be...i also believe it is ignorance like this that makes people kill snakes out of fear or misunderstanding
now the teacher is askin me if instead i can bring in hermit crabs and millipieds!!!!!!

im sorry for writing alot guys...just needed to get that off my chest

my 2 cents

Arboreal Snakes of the Amazon'

Breeding Next Year
1.1 Spilotes pullatus
1.1 Corallus hortulanus

looking into amazon bird eating snakes too!!!!!
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