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I also name all of mine and intend to keep naming them regardless of how many I get!! LOL.

My cornsnakes were Elmo and Grover (Elmo was a common and Grover was a Miami Phase) Naga was my first BP, she passed away though.

As for my current animals. Three that I purchased are Osiris, Isis, Demetae (Osiris is the egyptian Judge of the dead, Isis is the Godess of fertility and Osiris wife and sister, mine are unrelated though) Demetae just sounded good is actually the name of an old scotish tribe.
Ulysses is my adopted male bp, I got to name him if he was a girl it would have been Medusa picked by my DH.
Recoil and Whiplash my two newest adoptees seem to fit the names they sound good and well, Recoil does just that she is timid and Whiplash earns her name the way she strikes at her food!

Now I'm going to have to come up with a name for my new Malaysian Blood, maybe DH will get to use Medusa after all!!

PS.... If you haven't noticed I'm huge on the mythology names, snakes are very prominant in all mythology.
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