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Question on reptiles used for Stud service?

What is the general opinion on this case scenerio:

you gave out a high quality, proven male breeder for a sum of money ( instead of eggs ).

but after a couple of months, the females have not produced eggs....the reasons could be endless, from the females not being receptive, or able, too late in breeding season, not compatable, whichever.

You are wanting your stud back since it doesn't seem like he is able to perform his service.

Do you return the money, even though there's never any guarentee that a stud will perform? Or what would you do?


2nd Question:

what are the general guidelines for using someone elses reptile for a stud service? What is the payment usually? Any pointers on what to do as someone lending a stud, or as someone recieving a stud?

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