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I got a phone call from my local SPCA today wondering if i had room for an abandoned snake. I figured i may be in for a real treat with the thought of "abandoned" on my mind. It was a pleasant surprise to see this little fellow when i got to the shelter.
The provincial animal cruelty officer was there to tell me the story.
I guess the former owners left town and jumped rent some time last week and left this BP to fend for its self. The BP was the only thing in the apartment and it was without heat and very cold. The tank was full of fecies and it showed that the animal wasn't given the finer things in life. Over all, it is in good condition weighing in at 416 grams. Shortly after putting it under some had two giant defications and an enormous regurge. The snake came with the aquarium and screen lid and a few other odds and ends.
Now, what am i to do with this mouse vacume.


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