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Originally posted by BoAddict

this is who i think they need to get rid of for next year if there is a next year

Renbergs contract is up and won't be resigned.. Antropov will never be traded, i think he has some photos of Quinn or something.. Berg played well the whole playoffs, Kaberle should be taken off the Defence and put to Center or left wing.. He would make one hell of a forward. If they get rid of Kaberle, i will not watch them anymore.. All too often the Leafs trade away players that aren't 'up to par' and look what happens.. McCauley, Johnsson, Markov, Hendrikson, Mair and countless others..

Quinn HAS to come back, he's the best coach they have ever had.. They had a great season, it's unfortunate it had to come to an end on an odd man rush and missed highsticking call.. Notice Sundin bleeding at the end of the game like a stuck pig??

Tampa in 5..
Calgary in 6..
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