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Harry Neale is a die hard Leafs fan, hence the reason he has shows on Leafs TV.. Bob Cole on the other hand.. He can't stand Toronto and doesn't want to see them win..

Air Canada Center.. Since the first game Toronto played in the ACC people have been knocking how quiet it is.. Unless you have actually been there for a game, you really don't understand how HORRIBLE the Live audio feed is from there.. I haven't personally been to a Playoff game there as of yet, however my Cousin was at game 2 against Ottawa and said he couldn't even hear his son talking to him and they were sitting side by side.. I have also heard Andy Frost (ACC Announcer) comment that the level of cheering and such is equal to or greater then Philly and Buffalo.. Unfortunatly you just can't tell because of the way the audio feed is set up.. It's too bad, cause i would really love to hear just how loud it is..

David: I agree 100% about Belak and the likes.. Game 3 and 4 Belak played 11+ minutes and they won both games.. Game 5, Belak played 7 minutes and wasn't even noticable out there.. Look for Karel Pilar to catch Primeau, Roenick and LeClair coming down the ice with their heads down.. Philly doesn't only have to worry about Marchment anymore!!! GO LEAFS GO
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