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I am confident that the leafs will win this series. I think they are an overall better team when they put in the effort, and I do not think they will allow Philly to knock them out of the playoffs two years in a row, especially after the embarassment of the other night.

The only other thing I have to comment on is the extent of patheticness (is that a word? lol) of the leaf fans at the stadium. If only we had fans like Philly - maybe the team would do a little better. I was incredibly impressed on the show of the flier fans last game, aside from throwing things onto the ice. Leaf fans on the other hand - they are pathetic for the most part. You would think, for example, everytime Sundin touches a puck they would go CRAZY. It even seems like they boo at the leafs sometimes. If we are down a bit, they are dead silent until we catch up, if we ever do. I just think its pathetic sometimes - if only I could afford a ticket .

On another side note, I cannot STAND the moron commentators for these games, on CBC. Every second, the guy is putting down the leafs in some shape way or form, whether they are winning or not. It is clear he is:

a.) A dedicated anti-maple leafs individual.
b.) A damn good leaf fan who is trying to hide the fact that he likes the leafs, and is overdoing it - big time.

Just his ridiculous comments, they piss me of every game, throughout the entire game. As if I was not pissed off enough at the performance of the leafs that last game, I had to listen to all the balogny he was saying.

However, I am not sweating the loss. Belfour had a really bad game, and no matter how little support he got, I firmly believe a few of those goals he should of saved. Maybe I am just saying that out of expectation through his past performances, but damn was I ever disappointed. A few of Primeau's goals were garbage that Belfour fell for - and whats up with Mcabe? He was -5, I don't know why they continued to play him, and I also think they should have pulled Belfour after four goals, not six. But again, the game is in the past, and I look forward to tonights game.


On a final side note, who agrees with me that the leafs need to keep putting the big guys, like Belak, out on the ice? I mean look what happened when the whole team was hitting hard. They dominated the ice physically, and came out with a big win.
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