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stick swinging incident in the AHL

yea i know this is a few days old now but i thought id let everyone absorb it.

the bulldog player needs to be suspended for sure as what he did was just plain wrong, but on the other hand the guy who got the stick to the face also should be suspended for a good long time as he swung first and fortunately for him missed decapitating the bulldog player.

if the police decide to charge 1 they both oughta be charged in my eyes, it was tough to tell from the few times ive seen it but it looks like the player who got hit , when he swung it went off the guys head not 100% sure on that but for every action there is an equal reaction.

lets hear what you all have to say on this , i was hoping that they would of talked about it on coaches corner and said both sides and not just the end result.
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