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Thankfully our SPCA has a place to send their reptiles, they come to ERAS and our wonderful reptile rescue run by Neil and Michelle(members here). I believe that with their own and the rescues that they have they are around the 110 animal mark and they also have to occasionally put people on a waiting list to find homes for their now unwanted reptiles. I must say I'm also thankfull that every 12 yr old cant' walk out and buy a burm or retic here, we are always overrun with Iguana's and turtles. There are a lot of uneducated people buying reptiles and a big problem is that pet stores give out WRONG information and breeders don't nescesarily make sure that the buyer knows what is going to be required to care for the animal. The fact that most reptiles regardless of adult size start off pretty small doesnt' help either, people buy this cute little reptile only to find out they get 6ft + in size as adults. Education is the key. The shows and sales help, but how much of them is about education and how much is sell, sell, sell.
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