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It is too bad that the NHL is marketing the sport for the American and Euro fans.. (i mean nothing bad by that). If only they could see the puck and not need a flash following it around the ice or if they knew what icing was and didnt need flashy cartoons to show them what exactly the call was for, it wouldn't be where it is now.. Goals aren't the only thing people watch hockey for, are they??? I Know i could care less about the score of a game, so long as its fast paced and filled with hits and scoring chances..

As for Don Cherry, i really hope he doesn't retire.. I know i look forward to Saturday Nights 'Coaches Corner', it's the only reason i leave the channel on during intermission.. He's outspoken and doesn't care what people think of him, what you see is what you get.. I have had the pleasure of meeting him on a couple occasions and he's an awesome guy and loves to talk hockey.. Hopefully if he and the CBC part ways, he'll end up somewhere else..
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