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What you say is true, those who do take care of their reptiles shouldn't have to hide them. Most people, and i mean MOST dont take care of their animals, and leave them in deplorable conditions. Its a very select few that take the time to make sure they can properly care for their animals before purchasing them.

Its a big damn game of show and tell with most,"Look at my snake, isnt it coooooool?" What an idiotic excuse to get any pet, espeacially a snake. To show off.

Iam very into monitor lizards. Iam no expert with them, but I do my best to care for them. I keep Blackthroats as alot of people know, and they're kept in 10 and 12 foot pens! I have thousands of pounds of dirt that I've brought in so my 6 footers can still burrow and do whats natural. My point is, anything short of what they are use to, is unacceptable... If you cant keep a big cage, supply a good and healthy food source etc, dont get it. Ive even gotten rid of animals due to the fact that I've felt they werent being cared for entirely. I love turtles, and caimens but they dont fit into my schedule, nor my daily cleaning routine, so I GAVE them away to a friend that is more oriented with that kinda of maintenance....So, iam not trying to sound all mighty, as its happend to me as well, where I wasnt caring properly for something.. But I knew when to pack it in and put the animals first........
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