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I made it down to the show for a while on Sunday. I would have liked to spend more time hanging out but we were having a busy weekend.

I didn't get any new animals but we spent quite a while holding Niel & Michelle's (Snakey Acres) male dumarils boa. I love those snakes.

My little sister Louise had a blast at the show, as usual. She has a natural talent for handling reptiles and had a chance to hold plenty of different animals. She really liked Mary's (Vanderkm) baby corn snake and the leos over at Jeff McFadden's table. Attila even shot some video of her holding on of his three-toed tortoises. She missed Ziggy, an ERAS member's rat snake who she absolutely loves and appeared on A-channel with last year.

I did buy a big bag of Bearded Dragon food and some super worms from Walter. I also took home some meal worms and some crickets.

It was unfortunate that Neil could not bring Isabeau, the 18 foot - 180 lbs, burm but he's on crutches.
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