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Sunrunner, the SPCA deals with IDIOTS daily. Why wouldn't they be a bit tired of dealing with idiots, that call THEM idiots? sounded like a riddle....(no iam not calling you an idiot, just herpers in general that dont understand the spca's position)

I use to work in a few petstores, where I spoke to the SPCA on a very frequent basis, as many complaints came in, (usually for the sale of arachnids.) They were always pretty decent with me, and knew I cared for the animals in the store with everything I had available to me. They are just fed up. And I'am too, to be honest.

It all comes back to the breeders responsibility, and of course the pet store owners, and the importers etc. To much is about money, like said previously money is evil. Animals are tossed around to make a few bucks. I can name off many people on this very site that buy and sell to profit, regardless of where the animal goes. Then, the animals stress builds up, health falls and it ends up with good people that want to help it and they get nailed. May not be fair, but its still a long line of responsibility that has been broken in one way or another..
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