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Originally posted by marisa
SPCA or any forum member here could walk into my herp room at ANY time and NOT see dead animals, deplorable conditions, especially not in such a way my child needs to be removed from my home. What you are saying she didn't clean up after stuff for 1 day and now its a conspiracy to take her kid away? Yeah uh huh.

I did not read anywhere in this article that she lost her child please keep the facts straight. This article is so vague I find it amusing that everyone believes this article right off the bat but when they find a corn snake in someones apartment and call it a cobra everyone laughes and calles the SPCA a bunch of idiots,
I have done rescue for the spca before because they usually kill the reptiles before they atempt to rehabilitate it so as for the herps being in their hands is in no way better. Dead is dead.

If I am wrong in this I apologize but I have personally driven around to 10 different ones and inquired about what happens to herps that have been recovered or dropped off and gotten the same responce "we did not have the facilities to care for them so we had to put them down."
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