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Linds: I use dishes for water and food with some of my rodent cages/bins. They fill the dishes of water with shavings, they fill the food with shavings, they kick out half the food onto the ground.

I have about 60 rat weanlings right now in 3 bins, and I use a large ashtray for water, it's quite heavy so they can't move it to easily, and by the time I go up stairs to refill it at night, it's FULL of shavings. So the way I fix the problem is water bottles, it's a must for me to do. I don't know how mice think, but I'm pretty sure they prefer it messy.

Edit: Those dishes Roy are awesome, they look similar to the hamster dishes I buy from the pet store, but the ones I buy are $3 each. Haha, I'm going to Dollaramma.


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