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SPCA or any forum member here could walk into my herp room at ANY time and NOT see dead animals, deplorable conditions, especially not in such a way my child needs to be removed from my home. What you are saying she didn't clean up after stuff for 1 day and now its a conspiracy to take her kid away? Yeah uh huh.

Let me tell you what happened here IMHO. A person wanted to help out animals and for a long time has probably done their best with them. But like in many MANY other cases, this person did not know when to say no. This person possibly had other life issues and didn't know when to admit the animals were too much. Then things escalate to the situation officers found and neighbors complained about.

It's only the people who truely care that know when to say enough is enough and realize their family and they need the personal time before they can take on any more pets. It's simple to say no, and it would have been simple to avoid this situation.

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