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As a married woman, who grew up in the US and then had to move to Europe to survive, I find quite a few of those rules very true. I know people who use and abuse the systems and they teach their kids to do the same thing. I also know, from first hand experience, that the system doesn't work. When you make $150 to much a month to qualify for assistence and you don't make enough to feed you, your husband, and your child; what do you do? We moved to Europe, where my husband was from. I admit that our problems were made worse by the fact that my husband was a foreigner and no one wanted to hire him. He worked with computers and finally got a job working as a maintenance worker in a mall earning $0.25 over the minimum wage. His 13 years of computer knowledge was being wasted. I also know that if you don't speak the language of the country in which you reside, you don't get hired. The Dutch gov puts everyone who is not from an EU country through language and intergration courses. Life saver! America needs to do this too. In many schools that have high numbers of hispanic children, they have classes only in Spanish. They are not required to ever learn English. In some of the schools in California, they have classes in Ebonics for the African AMERICANS. Last word being Americans. They too never have to learn how to properly speak English. They get to butcher and pervert the language. And this is acceptable. I've had to learn to speak, write, read, and understand Dutch in 1 year. At the end of that year, I had to take a proficency test to insure I could contibute back to society. One year is not a long length of time to ensure that you can fully function in society. That's my 2 cents worth anyway. Most of it's from personal expierence. Just felt I had to offer what I could to this post, not that you really care or it will change anyhting.

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