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Hi, I'm kinda new to this forum,but this has me a little upset.Has anyone here met the people in question? If she looks familiar,maybe it is because she had a booth at the last show,or you saw her display at the Barrie Mall,maybe at a school,or front page of the paper with her coatamundi or on the local cable show "Daytime"(all since March break) I guess the paper did not mention they had a travelling educational show,teaching people about these exotic animals.Yes, I know she had some that were in rough shape,these were the sick and unwanted that were dropped off at the pet store where she worked, or left on their door step. Like any animal lover,you try to save them all, but it dosen't always work that way. Why was the SPCA and police called, maybe a disgruntled landlord?hmmm, or just maybe, is there new compition in town,someone with many animals,almost a small zoo who also does educational parties, hmmm I wonder. All I know is that they love their animals and would not purposly hurt any of them.I spent the weekend with them when they bought the wallaby,hedgehog,monitor and the one pigeon for their son.(only 2 weeks ago)They have always been there to help me with questions and willing to lend there support so don't jump to conclusions, take a good look around your own home, be honest,what would the SPCA claim if they barged into your domain with no warning. Terri
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