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Since political posts are deleted in short order, I will reply quickly.

Only when people realize that the best way to cure poverty and societal dependance is to help those that haven't had all the breaks in life rather than hope they starve to death will these problems start to go away.
Very utopic Mousekilla. Too bad that is not reality and never will be (as the left would have us believe). How many people have YOU given a break, a chance at a real job, som skills, some education? What have most people done other than vomit ideals? I can count at LEAST a dozen people that I have given that chance. A chance to better their lives, to learn a skill, a chance at a real job. How many people have you employed from the "Y"? Six for me. Good work, albeit hard work. How many have you offered to help get back on their feet, clean them up, get new clothes, and help get them a job (even if it is at McDonalds)? Only 2 for me. How many returned for work the next day, took me up on a real job, went to fill out an application, or did anything else to better their lives? A big fat ZERO.

You cannot succeed if you don't want to. And sadly, there are many that don't. My only thought is that your comments were regurgitated from a left wing Politcal Science Professor. Reality is much different. I don't claim to know everyone and I don't try to make a blanket statement, I just go by percentage. And ZERO percent out of at least 12 made an effort to better their situation in my direct experience. Now if you have taken 12 people and helped turn their lives around, then I will gladly change my number to 50%. But that still falls short of your utopic ideals.
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