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Totally ignorant right wing BS. I have to go vomit now.

This is the point of view of a spoiled brats who personally take credit for the luxuries that the very type of society they are trying to combat has afforded them.

There seems to be an underlying FALSE belief here that we live in some sort of meritocracy in Western society where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. All you have to do is look at the King of right wingers, George Dubya, who never had an honest job in his life and has gotten by on his rich daddy's name and daddy's friend's money and rose to the level of the leader of the richest country on the planet. I ask you, did he work the hardest? Is that what got him there? Are there perhaps those who have worked much harder but yet remain poor?

In the very same country you see things like Workfare that force people to work at slave labour rates to get their pitiful cheque every month and in the process deny them the opportunity to find real work because as soon as they do their benefits are cut off.

Only when people realize that the best way to cure poverty and societal dependance is to help those that haven't had all the breaks in life rather than hope they starve to death will these problems start to go away.
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