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Good points Cruciform & yes we do need to "evolve" to try & meet our countries changing needs. Thus the Mandrin Chinese, as well as english & french on bank machines. I do think that we need to concentrate on the wants/needs of the majority of the population though, not go out of our way to change everything to accommodate the needs of a minority group whatever it may be (this can be race, culture, political or sexual views etc. etc.). As certain groups become a larger part of the majority we as Canadians have/will changed things to become more universal, but too many people don't want to become part of the collective, but insist on being treated as a special group. I have no problems with any cultures or peoples, too each their own, but if you don't want to try & become part of society you choose to join & then expect extra special rights aside from those already in place & extended to the general population, Yes I have a problem with that. I am Canadian (irreguardless of my personal heritage)NOT French Canadian, Africian Canadian, German Canadian, Chinese Canadian etc. etc. etc. Too many groups seem to go out of their way to segregate themselves & then "whine" because they are segregated, when it is largely due to their own views & efforts that they are. If you want to be a Canadian make an effort to support the culture that already exists & of course feel free to add to it as thats what Canadas aboot LOL, not try to change it to try & make it like whereever it was you chose to leave . 2 more cents Mark >(
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