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"you have to speak english" is not a quote Cruciform unless you are quoting yourself (reread #10). IMO it is meant to come across as you choose to move to & become part of a society, but refuse to become part of it by rejecting the language. Whatever that society/languauge is has already been established long before you came along. I can't expect to move to France say & be all mad at them because they don't want to change everything to english for me just because I decide to move there & refuse to accept the language & culture already in place. There is no harm in bringing culture with you, but don't expect the "natives" to change theirs just because you decide to move there & refuse to become actively involved in the culture that already exists. If where ya came from is so great, why did ya move here? My 2 cents (again LOL) Mark
P.S. I see a lot of bank machines here in Canada now have english, french & Mandrin Chinese. Do you think we should include every other language in the world as an option too just not to offend anyone by leaving them out LOL
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