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This post has nothing to do with Rednecks that I can see there ilia. Being from NJ I'm sure you know everything about them though eh LOL I think its an overall reality check for those who think that the world should somehow revolve around them because they are "special" & that we should all go out of our way to change everything to make them more comfortable & to ensure that they are happy. Afterall they are special right? LOL Too many people out there think that somehow its societys responsibilty to take care of them, despite their obvious lack of effort to do so by themselves. Society makes such a great 'Scapegoat" afterall now doesn't it. I think we need to go back to nature myself. "Live & Let Die" Yep, I'm sure "Natural Selection" would clear up most of the problems in the first couple of generations LOL I'd better quit now before the Redneck starts coming out in me eh y'all LOL Mark
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