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Edmonton Reptile show

We took the time to attend the Edmonton reptile show yesterday, for the first time ever. The venue was easy to find, and aside from being a little warm (hello! its a reptile show) it was well set up and there was a lot of variety on display. It was fun to see old friends, and meet some new ones.

Since I have spent my allowance (and Ryan's) for the next couple of years, we did not pick up anything new. We did however pick up a female blood python from a breeding loan, she looks to be fabulously gravid. Also a female boa het for snow, and a feisty plated lizard (Thanks to Gino and LaRea for taking care of him for us). We were unable to spend the whole weekend, but we plan on heading out that way again in the fall.

It was also great to meet another ssnakess member, Peter Ludwig. It was great talking to you, we will probably see more of each other at upcoming shows. Maybe Jeff will convince you to come along and count the snakes with us on Mothers day

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