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I agree with V.hb.. Pretty well anyone can breed the more common reptiles out there(such as beardies, cornsnakes, veiled chameleons, leopard geckos, crested geckos,etc...) but why?? There are soooooooooooo many out there now that they are almost a waste of space.. I don't dislike these animals at all, but as V.hb said, where do all the babies go?? The hobby can only handle so many of these animals and the rest parish. The breeders are basically only doing it to make a buck.. Why not put your knowledge to better use and try breeding rarer animals?? Too many people are taking advantage of the money side and not caring enough that these are living animals who have specific requirements to survive... Let's face it, who is going to buy large quainities of baby bearded dragons from the many breedes out there?? Most WILL end up in petstores who couldn't really give a $#!+ about their lives or who they go to... It's either they sell (to any fool with $100) and we make money, or they die and oh well. Money is the heart and soul of evil in this world.. I've heard about petstores getting several threatened (in the wild) animals in and they all die, and all the store says is damn, we lost money on that one.. This is something that irritates me personally very much and V.hb's post has opened a gateway for me to voice my opinion.. I'm glad to see at least one more(and I'm sure most of the people on this forum/site agree) that still have a genuine love for the animals.. Personally, I would rather (and have done so in the past) give my animals away for free to good homes than to sell them to the first moron with a pocket full of cash...
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